(3) Wands (red, blue & green) and (3) Bubbles Kit

(3) Wands (red, blue & green) and (3) Bubbles Kit


This kit includes 3 string wands, including the popular 105-section wand that makes hundreds of smaller bubbles!  It also includes the 2-foot and 3-foot wands that make large bubbles.  With 3 pouches of bubble concentrate, it's like getting one for free! 

Each 13 ounce pouch of Monster Bubbles concentrate makes over a gallon of bubble solution.   Just mix a pouch of bubble solution with a gallon of soft, or distilled water, allow to sit overnight and it's ready to go!

Here's what the kit includes:

(3) 13 ounce pouches of Monster Bubble Solution

(1) 2-foot string wand (perfect for smaller children)

(1) 3-foot string wand (capable of making huge bubbles)

(1) 105-section wand (makes hundreds of bubbles by twirling, or in high-wind) 

Please note: Washers are no longer used with net-wands.  They work great without them and don't tangle so easily!