Mixing Instructions                                         

In a CLEAN bucket, add (1) 13 ounce pouch of Monster Bubbles Super Concentrate to a gallon of distilled water (strongly recommended), or tap water.  Be sure to get all the “goo” out of the bag by pouring a little water into the empty bag, stir and add to your solution.   Stir the solution briskly and let it sit for about 3 hours to blend.

Monster Bubble solution works well with other bubble makers.  However, I If it’s too thick for your purpose, you can thin the solution by adding an additional gallon of water and a cup of quality dish soap.  Bubble machines usually work better with the thinner solution. The thinner solution works well with a Monster Bubbles net-wand too.               

Dipping Instructions (String & Section Wands) 

Hold the wand tips together and dip the strings into the bubble solution.  Lift out and allow excess solution to drip back into the bucket, for about 3 seconds.


2-Foot (Green) and 3-Foot (Blue)               

The Monster Bubbles 2 & 3 foot wands are capable of making big bubbles.  The 2-foot (green) wand is smaller and is easier for younger children to use.  The 3-foot (blue) wand is designed for older children and adults and is capable of making GIANT bubbles. 

6-Foot, 2-Piece Wand (Orange)        

This BIG bubble wand is capable of making the biggest bubbles, period.  It works best with a slight breeze.  It is fairly heavy and is recommended for adults. However, older children should be able to use it, without the 3-foot extensions installed.


3-loop (Yellow) & 4-loop (Brown)                                                         

Loop wands have stainless steel ball-bearing swivels between each of the small loops, to help keep the strings from twisting together. Loop wands make a bunch of basketball-size bubbles and works best in a good breeze.  The smaller 2-loop yellow is perfect for younger children and the 4-loop wand is recommended for ages 10 and up.

To use (String Wands):                       

With your back to the breeze, hold the wand high into the air and spread the wand apart, but keep a little slack in the top string.  To complete a bubble, bring the wand tips together in a smooth motion. Continue to open and close until all the solution is exhausted.                                                  

The best environmental conditions will help produce the best results.  In windy, hot and dry conditions, making GIANT bubbles is near impossible.  The best results can be obtained in the morning and evening hours, so the sun does not quickly evaporate the outer layer of water, causing the bubble to burst.  Shade and overcast days work well and bring out the best colors in bubbles.  Great success can be obtained after a rain shower.             

Monster Bubble solution is a thick solution and designed to make giant bubbles. Sometimes the string becomes saturated, or clogged and doesn’t allow a good flow from the strings.  Try an occasional dip in a bucket of plain water, make a bubble and then go back to the solution.                      


The MONSTER BUBBLES NET-WANDS work best in windy conditions and produces hundreds of smaller bubbles.  Net-Wands are crowd favorites!  *FIRST USE ONLY -Soak the net in dish soap and hot water for 15 minutes and rinse well  Doing so will remove the starch used in the thin cotton (failure to do so can adversely affect the performance of your bubble solution).

55-SECTION NET-WAND (Purple)                                

The 55-Section net-wand is smaller and is more suited for younger children, with adult guidance

105-SECTION NET-WAND (Red)                                 

The 105-Section net-wand is larger and is recommended for adults and children over 10 years old.

210-SECTION NET-WAND (Black)                                 

The 210-Section, net-wand is a huge. The extension handles are 18-inches long, making the total length 4.5-feet long, This wand and is recommended for adults and older children.

To use in windy conditions:                        

With your back to the WIND, hold the wand high into the air and spread the wand apart.  Hold the wand high until all the solution is exhausted.

To use without wind (TWIRL)                     

Hold the wand like a “lamp-post” and spin around making bubbles until the solution is exhausted.  Section wands can get tangled and can be difficult to untangle, so be careful not to whip the bottom washer and get it caught in the net!

CARE (All Wands)                                    

Keep the wand clean.  If the wand string is dragged in the dirt, rinse carefully with a hose sprayer (only use enough water force to clean the strings).  Do not dip a dirty wand into bubble solution…it could ruin your solution!  When done making bubbles, allow the wand strings to dry before storing.