(Arnie and his classic 1968 "Monster Bubbles" Chevy Truck)

  (Arnie at Pioneer Park in SLC - Photo from the Deseret News 9/10/16)

It was July 20th of 2013 when we made our first big (Monster) bubble.  It was our grandson's first birthday and our son mixed some bubble solution for the celebration.....it was just plain awesome!  It was later in the fall, during a camping trip, when we made bubbles and drew a big crowd.  It was then decided that this had to be shared, so MONSTER BUBBLES was created.  Products were tested and improved to what is offered today.  I do experiment with new wands, or make improvements to the wands we're selling now, but I really believe we've got them right!  

Our Monster Bubble solution is carefully mixed for consistency and I have no intention of changing it - Check out my eBay feedback "I consider myself a pro bubble-guy and HANDS DOWN, this is the best solution I've ever used!" 

The Monster Bubbles goal is to provide a quality product at reasonable price. 

Keep in mind....you may buy Monster Bubbles for the kids, but it's the adults that don't want to put the wands down!  The kids usually prefer to burst your bubbles!